Hand in hand with Bruce Willis

When I say the name Bruce Willis, everyone knows who I am talking about. One of the world’s all-time greatest action film stars’ name is from now on connected to HEED ENERGY: Bruce Willis – one of America’s most famous stars – is in contract with our brand. The commercial starring Willis debuted April 2nd in several countries around the world.

Our brand is the first in the European Union to have an advertisement contract with an A-list Hollywood celebrity, Bruce Willis. The agreement is not only unique for us, but it is unprecedented on a national level, as no other European energy drink company has yet worked together with a currently active Hollywood star known around the world.

”HEED ENERGY represents dynamic energy, strength, and quality. We needed someone who embodies these values. When we began planning the projects, we thought of several different names and finally, we chose Bruce Willis, because he is someone known the world over and his name is a guarantee for the finest quality.” said Péter Pantl, the marketing director for HEED ENERGY. ”The celebrity-driven campaign will be launched simultaneously in nearly 50 export countries using the possibilities provided by today’s 360-degree communication, especially social media. Apart from this, customers will see Bruce Willis’ face on our advertisement posters in stores, too. ” added the marketing director.

The idea for the advertisement spot was conceived based on our own, in-house idea which places the brand and the star exclusively in the center leaving behind the previous energy drink ad stereotypes, such as fast cars, speed or people partying. After the initial idea, there was a lot of consultation and preparation as a result of which we were able to shoot the commercial in New York at the beginning of 2018. The advertisement with Bruce Willis is visible internationally from 2nd April 2018.

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